I am a friend of your daddy. Your daddy left Australia to seek help. Sometimes Police do not help good people, and then it is not easy. Your daddy is sorry he made the mistake of trusting the wrong people. You should know some hidden dangers. Your future will be best when you not only enjoy but also protect yourself. Your daddy is getting support at the moment. If you lied, would you want that others find out the truth? No. Therefore some people won't like that webpage but don't let anyone scare you. Truth is good for you, so always search for your full name a lot and you will find it. Nobody will stop your daddy from loving you, and his friends from helping him and you. He never stopped loving you, and you deserve to be fully happy.
Some people make mistakes, some promise to change only to do more bad things and you can't change such people but what you can do is relax, and learn about them, just never allow them to harm you. The priority is you and protecting yourself and nobody is allowed to touch you if you do not like it, nobody is allowed to scare you. If someone does, call the Police. Most people might not understand you, nor believe what bad people can do, only Police know. If you harmed others in the past, the most important thing for you to know is that it is OK, but do not repeat it. It is OK because you are a child, not a crazy adult but a child, and every child makes a lot of mistakes, so dont worry even if it was a very big mistake, as a child you can change everything for good, you can fix everything.
Try to learn happy things but also about bad things, e.g. about child abuse so you know how to behave in different situations. People can be very wrong, and it is OK, nobody is perfect but some people say anything to win.
Please, do not worry too much about the school. Teachers are mostly good but even a school director wrote lies about your daddy, which is beyond understanding, as some adults are crazy no matter what positions they have. Getting good grades can be helpful, just never stress about it, only last days before exams repeat everything non-stop, ok?
People are very different, nobody is perfect, but when you love others, you can enjoy different friends for different things, as no one is perfect. Only books can be perfect friends and if you read e.g. about narcissist abuse you will know how to protect yourself from strange people
When you feel unsafe, wherever you are, call the Police, never stop calling, but better hide it, just do not hesitate as your safety is most important. In the school, on playgrounds, everywhere. Sometimes you might need to call the Police in another suburb or city or ask a friend to call the Police for you because some Police officers do not listen. The most important is you seek help. Do not play down if some people misbehave, as they can get dangerous, better explain a Police officer, ask for advice and help
Remember that your daddy always loves you, and always loved you as strong as you can imagine it and one day you will see it. Maybe he could have done something better. He will always try to do better, never lose hope and trust.
Be very proud of yourself because you are the best child any parent can wish for, and you should feel this way. Dont allow anyone to make you feel guilty for things you are not guilty of. Your daddy is very proud of you whenever he talks about you, and you can be very proud of your daddy. People lie but your daddy never lied to you, and never will, and lies about your daddy will not change who he is.
You are getting better, smarter, and stronger every day, so please, protect your siblings, stay away from bad things, make God be your best friend, as he loves you. Your daddy misses you terribly and thinks about you all the time, every day, worries all the time. He is very sorry for what has happened, but sometimes there is nothing you can do.
Unfortunately, the Australian legal system is bad. There is no hope, no justice, no fairness, and complete lawlessness. Your daddy is not allowed to contact you, not allowed to hug you, kiss you, defend you, not allowed to ask your friends to contact you, not allowed to send you birthday wishes or give you any presents, etc. There are good and bad people in this world. For your daddy you are all heroes, he never stopped loving you even for a minute, and you must know nothing above was ever your fault, not even a little. You are the best children a parent can have and as siblings, you are like one, so let that beauty in your hearts be stronger, let it connect you, and protect each other, despite differences and mistakes.
On your website, you will find no lies or untruths but you will get a power of understanding, so you can enjoy the truth. Soon you will be able to contact me here too. A Friend.

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